Services Provided

Please contact me if you are facing any of these issues, or need a consultation on something not listed.

  • Civil law: This handles disputes between individuals, groups, or business entities;
  • Criminal law: If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, your best defense lies in retaining the services of an experienced and aggressive attorney;
  • Family law: Legal matters involving the family and domestic relations are among the most difficult and challenging for all involved. Whether you are involved in a child custody battle, a dispute concerning child support, or a domestic violence situation, you may be facing some tough, distressing, and emotionally-charged issues;
  • Estate Planning: It’s a great idea to make sure your family dealings are all in order if/when something goes wrong.  Tasks can range from creating trusts for a child’s college fund to drafting a will so your assets get distributed appropriately to the members of your family when you die.  However, there are instances where people do not have a will and their assets have to go through Probate (court that decides what happens to your assets after death if you don’t have a will).

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